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Entrant List

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Entry Name Section Name
 Tanaka Sophia  10073,  1510
 Tandy Livia  10053,  0505A,  0506A
 Tang Edison  10025,  0838,  0840,  0745
 Tang Elise  1204A,  1204B
 Tang Joshua  10039,  1207,  0802
 Tang Marcus  1205,  0801
 Taylor Meghan  1413
 Tembwe Lofunge Emma  1229A
 Therrien Lauren  0509,  0510B
 Thibodeau Islay  1206
 Thiessen Daniel  10019,  10020,  10023,  0753,  0756,  0754A,  0755A
 Thomson Hudson  0802,  0803,  10009
 Tole Maya  0715,  0716
 Toll Lauren  1617D
 Toole Margaret  1703C
 Tran Landon  0713,  0714,  0715
 Tran Lyna  0724
 TREHAN NANDINI  10015,  0733B
 Tsai Chunju  1705
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