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Syllabus 2019

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Section 29: PIANO SOLO - 17 YEARS & UNDER
Refer to Rule 17.
All classes: OWN CHOICE as specified.
Specific Classes: T- Trophy.
Class # Description Fee
T2901 Baroque I
Any Prelude and Fugue from the "48 Preludes and Fugues" by J.S. Bach. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2902 Baroque II
Any other work from List A NOT covered in Class T2901. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2903 Classical I
TWO movements of a Sonata written between ca. 1760 and ca. 1830, not D. Scarlatti. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2904 Classical II
Any complete Sonata written between ca. 1760 and ca. 1830. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2905 Classical III
Any other work from List B NOT covered in Classes T2903 or T2904, e.g., Bagatelle, Variations, etc. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2906 Romantic I
Any work by Chopin or Liszt. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2907 Romantic II
Any other work from List C NOT covered in Class T2906. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2908 National Trends
Any work written ca. 1880 to ca. 1935, e.g., Grieg, Debussy, Reger, Scriabin, etc. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2909 Contemporary
Any work written since 1935 and NOT by a Canadian composer. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. A.S.E.
T2910 Canadian Work
Any work written by a Canadian composer in manuscript or print. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10.
T2911 Recital Piece I
RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. No studies allowed.
T2912 Recital Piece II
For the "advanced pianist", any piece. RCM/CC Associate level. No studies allowed.
T2913 Etudes
TWO contrasting studies from any musical period. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10.
T2914 Sets
Any complete set or suite by a single composer, e.g. Starer, Five Preludes, OR two or more movements of a longer set or suite, e.g. Grovlez, L'Almanach aux Images. RCM/CC Level (Grade) 10. Limit 15 min.