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Syllabus 2019

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Refer to Rules 5 & 17.
All classes: OWN CHOICE as specified.
All solo pieces must be memorized.
Specific Classes: T- Trophy.
Class # Description Fee
T0401 Baroque I
Any Prelude and Fugue from the "48 Preludes and Fugues" by J.S. Bach. Minimum Associate level.
T0402 Baroque II
Any large-scale baroque work, i.e. suite, partita, fantasia, toccata, solo concerto, etc., written in the 17th or 18th centuries. Minimum Associate level.
T0403 Classical I
Any complete sonata written between ca. 1760 & ca. 1830, not D. Scarlatti. Minimum Associate level.
T0404 Classical II
Any complete set of variations written between ca. 1760 & ca. 1830. Minimum Associate level.
T0405 Romantic I
Any work by Chopin or Liszt. Minimum Associate level.
T0406 Romantic II
Any other work from List C NOT covered in Class T0405. Minimum Associate level.
T0407 National Trends
Any work written ca. 1880 to ca. 1935, e.g., Grieg, Debussy, Reger, Scriabin, etc. Minimum Associate level.
T0408 Contemporary
Any work written since 1935 and not by a Canadian composer. Minimum Associate level.
T0409 Canadian Work
Any work by a Canadian composer in print or manuscript. Minimum Associate level.
T0410 Recital Piece
Minimum Associate level.
T0411 Etude
ONE concert etude from any musical period. Minimum Associate level.
T0412 Sets
Any complete set or suite by a single composer, e.g. "Griffes", Four Roman Sketches, Op. 7 OR three or more movements of a longer set or suite by a single composer, e.g. Schumann, Kinderszenen, Op. 15. Minimum Associate level. Limit 20 min.
T0413 Concert Group
THREE contrasting works, e.g., a group of three works by a single composer, or a group of three works from a single musical period. Limit 25 min.